Monday, February 14, 2011

On this Day in History

Since I have no idea what Jake and I will be doing tonight, I thought I would tell you a little about our first Valentine's Day...last year.

Last year we talked about Valentine's Day several weeks before the big day.  We were not engaged yet, but knew that that is where things were heading, and so we decided that we weren't going to get each other gifts in order to save money...ya know, be practical and all that.

Well, the day arrived, it was a Sunday.  After church we came back to my house where I made delicious chicken alfredo for a semi-romantic lunch (can lunch really be romantic? At noon with your roommate eating with you?)  Right, so we will go with semi-romantic.  

Then it happened...after I was scrubbing left over alfredo sauce off of our dishes...I heard it...snoring.  Jake fell asleep as I was washing the dishes that held the remains of a romantic gesture that I had worked to create in the name of Valentines Day.

So I finished the dishes and went upstairs to my room to watch a movie so that Jake would get the full guilt trip effect when he woke up and realized he had left me alone on couple's day.  I mean really...I was expecting cuddling and movie watching and dessert and maybe a surprise from Jake even though we agreed not to do that...not falling asleep as I did the little lady's work.

Then it felt like the world was caving in right on top of my head...a migraine...yeah, I get those.  Around the time my uninvited friend came a knocking in my head, lo and behold, Jake wakes up.  

As I lay in the fetal position in my bed crying, due the fact that the migraine wasn't the company that I wanted and that the company that I did want was asleep on the couch downstairs, a shadowy figure appeared in my doorway.

Jake came to me, maybe thinking that I was asleep and began to whisper in my ear how sorry he was that he fell asleep.  This whispering sounded like a fire alarm in my head and I pushed him away as I said it was o.k. and told him about my head.

He left right away to go to Bi-Lo right down the street to get some medicine and came back with not only medicine but a sweet  card and a box of chocolate.  

Boy knows how to apologize...and be a knight in shimmering armor. (Anyone know the movie reference?)

I don't know what Jake's plans are for tonight, but he assures me that he has some.  I can't wait to fill you in!

What was your favorite Valentine's Day?

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