Saturday, January 1, 2011


Are there any other
newly married
people out there
that are asked EVERY DAY
when they are going to have a

This simple question makes me want to have a baby very soon and also wait for as long as possible just to see how long people will continue to ask...

P.S. I don't mind being asked this question, I just find it very entertaining and sometimes a bit awkward.


  1. we get asked all the time and we have been married for 1 year and 4 and 1/2 months.

  2. I try not to ask that question. Having a baby is a personal decision. A baby makes a family, adds great joy, and makes you wonder how could you have ever thought you loved something or someone so much before.

    I never regret having my first child eleven months after my wedding day. I look now at 18 year olds and wonder if that is how I was when I was eighteen. I don't think so.

    Some couples have their first child within a year or two of their marriage. Others wait several years by choice. They want to enjoy each other, enjoy life, get their education finished, buy a home, travel, etc., etc. Once a child comes into your life, life changes. Yes, you can still get your education, travel, buy a home, after a baby joins your family, but it won't be as easy. A baby will change how you look at life forever.

  3. Mom's response: "After you have your first child, people continue to ask when you are going to have another one." In a nutshell-- the questioning will not cease until you are too old Carly ;)