Monday, May 17, 2010

Right time, wrong place...

Jake and I are spending a couple of days in Atlanta just to get away from everything that waits for us at home. It's been so nice to not have to worry about being anywhere or do anything at a particular one expects anything from us and we are free to do what we want.

Last night we decided that we wanted to go see the new movie Robin Hood. We've both been looking forward to seeing it for several weeks and so we were really excited to actually go. We stopped to get subway on the way and thought we could fit both sandwiches and drinks in my purse to get them into the theater. WRONG! We got to the theater and easily got the sandwiches into my large bag, but could not get the drinks in there...waste of money! So we go and buy our tickets with giftcards that we both had leftover and only had to pay $1 to get into the movie...sweet! I agreed to buy a drink inside the theater for us to share and Jake bought popcorn as our side dish to our him :) We go into the Robin Hood theater and the movie had already started, which we thought was weird because we were only like 5 minutes late walking in and there were no previews. We started eating our sandwiches and watching the movie and we were totally lost as to what was happening and who everyone in the movie was! We kept asking each other questions and neither one of us knew the answers. We ate our sandwiches and munched on our popcorn and I finally just decided to accept what was happening in the movie for just what it was and stopped trying to figure it out and then the screen comes up that says "And the Legend Begins..." followed by the closing credits. I was like That's it? and Jake said yeah, these are the closing credits. I asked what time it was and it was only 10:05...we walked into the theater at 9:05...this movie couldn't possibly 1 hour! We couldn't figure out what was going on...we walked back outside and and noticed that there were two theaters that were playing Robin Hood and we had walked into the wrong one right in the middle of the movie! Crap! the next showing wasn't for another 35 minutes so we went outside and told the theater people what happened and they told us we could stay for the next showing. We did and in the middle of the second showing there was a commotion! Two rows back from us a guy was yelling that the guy behind him had punched him in the back of the head and like 5 police came into the theater and escorted them out...we left during the second showing at the part that we came in at during the first we saw the whole movie we just saw it backwards essentially. We had a good laugh over the whole thing and will now pay more attention to our theater number.

I love Jake

Monday, May 10, 2010


This is what my dad said the other day while shopping for mothers day presents with my mom...

Mom: We have to get our moms mother's day presents while we're here.
Dad: How many is that?
Mom: Four mom, Jenny, your mom and Pat.
Dad: What about all the people we call mother?
Mom: How many people do you go around calling mother?
Dad: Depends on how close I am to them when they pull out in front of me.

I died laughing...My Dad is a witty man!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Now it's my turn...

I decided that Carly was having too much fun blogging about different things, so I commandeered her blog and now I'm going to write something for myself. Actually, in talking this past week I told her that I wanted to write a post on her blog with some of the reasons why I love her...but as you can tell from her last post, she stole my idea. So, now I'm going to share a few of the reasons why I love her, but keep in mind that these are just things that are on the forefront of my brain and that there are countless reasons that I am completely in love with her. Also, keep in mind that these are in no particular order.

1) She loves me as much as I love her, even though I have WAY more faults than her.
2) She makes me laugh and smile when I'm not having a good day
3) She makes my good days even better
4) She understands me, and listens to me when I'm telling her my frustrations
5) She has a testimony
6) She keeps me from killing Doc
7) She makes me feel like no one has ever made me feel
8) She laughs at my corny jokes
9) She calls me even when she doesn't have anything to say
10) I can't stand it when she isn't around
11) She makes me want to be a better person so that I can treat her like the princess that she is
12) She lets me write on her blog
13) She makes cd's with songs that we like for me to listen to in my truck
14) She isn't afraid to be herself when she's around me and lets me
15) She shares her feelings with me(even though not always right away...I get impatient sometimes)
16) She doesn't judge me for weird habits I have or weird things I like to do
17) She loves my family
18) She has such an awesome family
19) She says she isn't going to talk about the wedding or do any planning until after this semester ends, but she calls me almost daily to tell me something new she thought of
20) She follows the "whats yours is mine" rule and makes me follow it too
21) She calls me when I'm at work which makes my days go by so much easier
22) She comes to spend time with me after work, even though its late sometimes
23) She cares about what I think
24) She is beautiful, smart, funny, witty, clever, cute, amazing, gorgeous, and is my best friend in the entire world.
25) She said YES!(after I told her to "just answer the question")

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Things that make me happy right now...
1. Painted finger and toenails
2. This sweet blog
3. That I get to go home and to Atlanta in the next week
4. Sunflowers
5. Thinking about getting married

Things I need to do...
1. Study for finals
2. Get together stuff for bridal shower invitations
3. Pack my stuff up to move
4. Get boxes from Matthew and Lisa
5. Find a new job

Things I'm looking forward to...
1. Bridal showers
2. Marrying my best friend
3. Painting and decorating our house
4. Going to the beach
5. Planning our wedding

Things I want to do this summer...
1. Go to Utah and see Laura and Steve and Melanie and their family
2. Read at least 10 books
3. Go to the beach
4. Go to Carowinds
5. Spend more time at home

Reasons I love Jake...
1. He make really corny jokes that we both think are really funny
2. He brings me flowers every month on our anniversary
3. He winks at me
4. He tells me he loves me at least 25 times a day
5. He didn't get mad at me when I was a creeper and read his e-mails
6. He's willing to watch whatever movie I want
7. He keeps his hair the length I like it
8. He lets me be in control of the radio in the car
9. He randomly sends me really sweet text messages
10. He does little odd jobs around the house, he's very handy
11. He's a good listener
12. I trust him
13. He holds me when I cry
14. He's very computer savvy
15. Every thing reminds me of him
16. He carries me like a princess when the grass is cold and wet and I'm wearing flip flops
17. He puts his arm around me when I'm cold
18. He loves his family
19. He gets really excited cute when we talk about getting married
20. He sings in the car

Today I want to visit New York City...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Over...The semester is over!!

Today is the last day of classes!!!