Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Opinions Appreciated...

So I'm craving a new do...This is pretty much how my hair looks currently


So....Should I

Cut it like this?

Dye it this color?

Or maybe this one?

or something else that I'm not thinking of??


  1. repost this in like 2-3 months. i'm sure i'll have plenty to say then :) mk? thanks!

  2. i think you should cut it, dye it dark brown for fall....may be subtle highlights!!

  3. Hey Lauren! I need an invite to your blog...I would love to be able to read it and keep up with you guys!

  4. I just love the last picture in general. lol :D But I have always favored the chin length cut on you. If you're ever in Pineville a few months from now, I'll be at Empire getting my cosmetology license. :D

  5. hey carly!
    just message me your email on fb and i will send an invite!!

  6. Carly, Hey pretty lady, How have you been? I sure miss seeing your posts. I was an avid reader. I know a lot of people don't blog anymore, but how are you?
    I am doing well. trying to find a PT job, in the mean time just babysitting. that's a job in itself.
    well have a GREAT day