Friday, February 26, 2010

A few of my *NEW* favorite things...

So lately I've found a few new things that I love:

1) The free stuff section of craigslist...I know what you're thinking, that stuff is probably crap, right? Well most of it is, but every now and then you find something really cool...problem is, by the time you e-mail that person someone else has already e-mailed and gotten it. I'm telling you, people must make a living off of watching that page! Mostly i'm looking for furniture like a couch and loveseat, because I HATE the ones that we have at my house. Furniture is furniture though and it works, so I can't complain too much, I'm obviously not willing to pay that much for new stuff so I guess I don't hate it that much.
2) Peanut Butter Milkshakes...I have Jake to thank for this. I swear I could gain like 1,000 pounds off of these things. I'm going to have to stop buying the stuff for them, because when I have it and Jake is here, it has recently always resulted in a milkshake...yumm! I need to be better though. Jordan and I are going to start the p90x videos soon.
3) p90x...while I haven't actually started this yet I can only imagine how much I will love it! I will hate every second of doing it, but I'm hoping for fantastic results. I've only heard good things from everyone that has used it so far.
Ok, back to doing one of my least favorite things...writing a paper....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rays of Sunshine...

So, I haven't had the best week, not that anything bad is happening at all, I just haven't been in a very good mood. I actually have a lot of good things that are happening, I just haven't been choosing to focus on them. So this is me refocusing...

One of my best friends Alex sent me a message last week saying that she met with the Elders in our area and that she liked what they had to say and wanted to me to bring her to church with me...exciting news! I love Alex, and it's so much fun to get to spend more time with her again. We lived together two summers ago and since we moved out that summer we have been so busy that its been hard to make time to hang out, so I'm so excited that that is changing.

When Jake and I got back from FHE the other night I had my hands in my jacket pockets and quit paying attention to walking up the stairs (which isn't something you should have to pay attention to anyway) to say something to Jake about the dogs next door and I tripped on my brick stairs and feel and hit my knee which started swelling immediately and now I have a gross bruise and a dull ache when I walk. I'm sure you're wondering how is this me refocusing right? well, It could have been a lot I said, my hands were in my pockets, and as I was falling I couldn't get them out, but somehow I only hurt my knee, when all I could see the whole time I was falling was concrete coming right at my face. Jake was walking behind me though and caught me before anything other then my knee hit the thanks Jake, for saving my face and whatever else could have been hurt :-)

So then the other night, there is this person that I really just don't get a long with, and they were around, and they were doing things to really get on my nerves. I was holding Doc and wouldn't let him get down because I didn't want him to go around this person and Jake told me I was being ridiculous. This really didn't sit well with my mood and I was instantly pretty upset with him. Well...This was me just being more ridiculous...I'm actually glad that Jake and I are comfortable enough that he feels like he can tell me when i'm being ridiculous. I might have scared him out of ever telling me again, but I don't think I would have normally reacted the way I did, I was just already upset and he added fuel to the fire.

The next day though I got this super sweet text message:

I know I upset you last night
and I know you are probably tired
of hearing me say that I'm sorry, but I am.
You are my best friend in the entire world
and you make me feel different
than anyone else has ever made me feel
and I love you with all of my heart.
I hope you are having a good day.
You are my everything. :-)

Which is pretty much all I needed to hear the whole week.

So from now on, when I'm in a bad mood, instead of just letting myself be in that bad mood, I'll try to refocus and see the rays of sunshine that are always shining behind the clouds.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Puppy Love...

Wow...I have been such a slacker! This is why my last blog didn't last very long, I wasn't very good at keeping up with posting...honestly, I have been wanting to write but I've been waiting to get some pictures scanned onto my computer and now, since Jake, is so tech savvy, they are there and I can post again...what a sweetheart :-)

This is the inspiration for the title of this post

This is my Punkin...otherwise known as Doc. Mine and Jake's new and first puppy. I LOVE HIM!!! He is so smart and cute and the we treat him like a little baby. He sleeps in bed and under covers sometimes and I love when he falls asleep on his back and stretches his little legs out. He snores sometimes's the cutest thing! We are trying to train him right now and he's doing pretty good. Sometimes he still pees in the house but for the most part he makes it outside and he knows what it means. He follows us around and when one of us leaves the room he jumps down to follow to make sure that we aren't leaving. He is the cutest thing and my new favorite thing (other then Caiden). We got him about four weeks ago and he instantly took over our lives and we love it! He's part German Shepard and part Boxer so he will be a big dog, which is perfect because I love big dogs.

More Puppy are some more new pictures of Caiden...

This is a picture Haley texted me and told me that Caiden was sending me a precious :-)

Since it's Valentines Day and all I should probably have a little section about Jake in this post...
Poor Jake...that's what everyone says when I tell them about us...and they're probably right, Jake does a lot for me and I love him to death! If for no other reason we have to stay together for the baby, haha. It's so easy and comfortable to be around Jake, and the more we are together the more I love him...I guess that's typical. Just a couple of minutes ago he fixed my scanner so that I could write this blog. My back is really hurting right now so he went to get me a grape soda to make me feel better and came back with a card and a box of chocolate, even though we decided not to get each other anything. My card is so cute it reminds us of our favorite commercial right now...again, more puppies
Anyway, that's all for now, but I promise to be writing more soon and more often!