Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The *Engagement* Story

So here is what you have all been waiting for...

So there I was...
It was a Friday and Jordan and I went to the mall because I needed to buy a new pair of jeans. Well for those of you that know Jordan, you know that she likes to do random things, this particular time she wanted to go into all of the jewelry stores in the mall and see how long it took the people working there to come up and help us. So anyway, we went into all of the stores and I didn't really see anything that I liked and then we FINALLY made it to the last one...Zales. There it was, a ring that I was the only one that I had seen in the entire mall that looked like a ring that I would want.
Jordan called Jake and told him about...and this is where the story really begins. I called Jake after Jordan and told him that Jordan's call wasn't any pressure and to not worry about it, we were just excited because it was the only one that we had seen that I liked and was similar to rings that I had seen in the past and wanted.
Jake has a big night planned that night with his brothers playing video games and had to get off the phone with me to lock Doc up and get ready to go, so he promised to call me in a little while and we said goodbye.
About and hour after that I tried to call Jake again because I hadn't heard from him and I thought he said he was going to call me sooner that and he didn't answer, but called me about 10 minutes later and apologized. He said he had to stop by one of his brothers houses to get a video game controller that he had left on accident. (This was not so true) Jake had really gotten off the phone with me and tried to drive to the mall before it closed, but when he realized he wouldn't make it he called Zales and asked them about the ring, and they said they would try to run his card over the phone. Well, Jake has some sort of protection on his card that won't let him spend over a certain amount without authorization and so his card got declined.
The Zales lady said she would hold it for him until the morning since he obviously had every intention of buying it. There was just one problem...Jake and I were going to be out of town the next morning so how was he going to get it?
Solution: Jake told one of his brothers about it and he offered to go get it for Jake the next morning. His brother got there, bought the ring and then told all of the people that worked there the story and that Jake and I would be there later that day and that they should play along.
After we got back in town on Saturday Jake wanted to go to Zales so that he could at least see the ring, so we went (even though Jake knew it would be gone). When we get there I ask the lady about the ring, and she remembered me from the night before and said that she was so sorry, but that they had sold it that morning but that we could keep checking back if we wanted because they might get another shipment of the ring. Jake acted so upset. He was more upset then I was. He stayed this way for the next couple of hours.
So Jake woke up on Monday and decided that he was going to propose on Tuesday and went to work to make that happen. He told me that he was going to go put air in my tires and really went to his brothers house to pick the ring up. Later that day he texted me and told me that he wanted to go back up to Zales on Tuesday after I got out of class to see if they had received another ring yet. Then he told me later that he was going to help a friend move and that he and David would be back for dinner after that.
David really did go help someone move but Jake did not go help him. He really had gone through my phone earlier in the day and gotten my dad's cell phone number and called him and asked if he could come out to my parent's house to talk to them. So instead of helping someone move Jake went to my parent's house and asked them for their blessing.
He arranged with David to show back up at the house at the same time so that I didn't suspect anything and we had dinner and hung out as usual that night. I was in class all day on Tuesday from 9:30 to 5 o clock. I called Jake when I got out of class and he still wanted to go to Zales. I was not very happy about this because I had a lot of homework to do and I had had a rough day. Not only that but Jake wouldn't bring Doc with him which meant we had to drive all the way back to his house before going to my house.
Jake had called Zales earlier that morning to make sure the didn't have the ring, so that he wouldn't have to buy it twice, so I got to the mall first and called Jake to let him know that they still didn't have the ring and he picked me up and drove the longest way ever back to his house. Needless to say I still wasn't in the best mood because I kept thinking of all of the stuff that I could have been doing.
We FINALLY get to Jakes house and Doc runs to greet me at the door and so I pick him up and start playing with him. Jake asks me if I could come into the kitchen for a minute and I see flowers that he had gotten me on the kitchen table and then he gets down on one knee in front of me. I thought he was picking something up and was pretty confused. Then he said "Will you marry me?" and I thought he was kidding and responded by laughing and said "are you kidding?" and he said "No, will you please answer the question." Then I saw the ring and was really confused because it was supposed to have been sold to someone else. I finally realized what was happening and obviously said yes, or I wouldn't be writing this post.

Anyway, now I have a wedding to plan that is coming soon in October :-)


  1. Awesome!!! It amazes me the things guys have to do to keep it under wraps - it's a difficult business doing that, but Jake did a great job! :)

    Congrats again Carly, we are excited for both of you!!!

    P.S. - I find it hilarious that you answered his first question the way you did...I said "That's so Carly" :)

  2. Haha, he did do a good job...thanks was pretty typical.

  3. Carly congrats!!!!! I love the story.... and your ring is beautiful.