Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Night Time...Edited

My favorite part of the day is the night.  At night Jake and I are together, after a long day of separation.  We both work all day everyday when we aren't in school and so neither of us gets home until about 6 in the evening. Our evenings always seem so rushed trying to fit in cooking and eating dinner, going to the gym and taking showers and still get in bed at a decent time so that we can get up early and start another busy day.

So why is this my favorite time of day?
I like cooking and eating dinner because I like to hear Jake tell me that it was delicious.
I like going to the gym because we play racquetball together every night (a.k.a we make idiots of ourselves every night) we're not very good, but it is a lot of fun.

When we go to bed, the place for sleep and other fun SCRABBLE.
Jake and I are pretty lame, every night before we go to sleep we play scrabble on the Ipod against random people.  We're cheaters though, we quit games if we are getting beat really bad, and we don't start a game if we think we have bad letters, we just delete it and start a different one. This could stem from the fact that we are sore losers...well, I am.

One night about a month ago, I decided to make a little romantic gesture.  Jake was in the shower, and so I got our actual Scrabble board game out of the closet and set it up on the bed to play when Jake got out.  Jake was beating me about three quarters of the way through the game and so I made up a word a played it.  Jake raised his eyebrows and let it slide.  I won that game.
Jake knows me and even loves my flaws.


  1. This brought back good memories of Shane and I...before kiddos. We used to play 3 games of Yahtzee every night before we went to bed. Once Thomas was born and stopped because the dice made too much noise when we were rolling them.

  2. reason #428 that we are friends:
    you blog about showering with your husband, IN AN EDITED POST :)
    yes. i love you.