Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please, Kill Me Now

I have a night class...I'm sitting in it right now listening to a monotone, soft spoken professor.
The class is sitting in a circle so we can have a class discussion...this has turned into a one person discussion, involving only the professor.  She is a tiny woman who looks like she will break in half if I flick her.
The most exciting thing that has happen was when a girl across the circle from me got an itch in her throat and was excused by the teacher to get water. She got up in a frenzy and moved awkwardly through the maze of empty desks and slipped out the door...lucky.
My attention has also been drawn to the girl two desks down from mine that needs her roots done...yesterday!
She has bleach blonde hair and about a half inch of that hair closest to her head is is darker and makes it look like her hair doesn't actually start until after those roots.  It's strange looking.
This class is called Feminist's a required course for my minor.
We are watching a video now about how music videos and society structure what men and women become and how they degrade women.
Pretty much clips of music videos with a bunch of girls dancing around half naked...there is a guy three desks down from me in the opposite direction of 'I desperately need my roots done' girl and he is laughing at the movie...inappropriate, don'tcha think?
That is definitely going to lead to using him as an example when my teacher starts man bashing at the conclusion of this video.
This is the lowest point of my week, and it's going to last for two more hours.
Don't worry about me though, I'll make it through, just like every Wednesday me a favor and have a great night!

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