Thursday, December 31, 2009

Attention Teenagers...

Just because you have a high school romance does not mean that you are Romeo and Juliet...or Noah and Allie, or even freaking Barbie and Ken. It does not mean that you are destined to over come all odds, ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after surrounded by seven dwarfs, or mice or a talking seagull and fish. It does not mean that you are welcome to look past the feelings and best interests of others for your own selfish "relationship."
Think about it...
Romeo and Juliet DIED! They were stupid, and died! Not only did they die...they killed themselves...yeah, all of this points to the fact that they were really happy...ohh please! I need to go take another class in common sense if that is the case I guess.
Noah and Allie...UGH...Don't get me wrong, The Notebook is an addictive movie and I can't help but watching it when it's on tv, but it drives me unrealistic is that movie! I can't even talk about this one without going into to a 20 minute rant about how stupid it is.
Barbie and Ken...It's not even physically possible to be Barbie...and second they broke up...and THEY'RE PLASTIC...plastic toys even break up...why do you think your high school flame will last if two toys that can't even think for themselves can't make it...they have painted on smiles and they aren't even happy!
So...let's won't won't last...don't do everything and sacrifice everything trying to make it because chances are, they guy is douche and in a few years you'll regret ever batting your pretty little eyes at him.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Excited...

For Tonight's Fun Date with Jake:


My Resolutions!!

1) Manage my money better...stop spending it on things I don't need, fast food, and clothes because, lets face it, I have more then I need.
2) Start my food storage...We've heard about it for years, so I'm going to start buying and extra one or two items when I force myself to go to the grocery store (a task I hate) and storing them under my bed probably.
3) Make all A's in my classes

Yes, in that order.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I Had the Best Day With You

I had such a good weekend! On Saturday I went to work in the photo lab, which I actually really enjoy doing. I like developing people's pictures and getting glimpses into other people's lives. Then I got to meet my Mom and Aunt Angela who surprised me with getting my hair cut, which I love! It looks so thick, and I have such thin hair so so I like the change.
After beauty shop fun, we went to eat at Showmars, which isn't my favorite place, but it was good. Then it was time to go shopping and we started by going to my new
favorite store...Kmart, I didn't even know they still existed! But they do! When we got to the cash register everything rang up like %50 off, which is why it's my new favorite.
I had to rush back home to get ready to go to Jasher and Jenny's reception. I'm so happy for them! Jasher has been one of my best friends and has done so much for me in the past, I'm so happy that he has Jenny to make him happy.
Sunday was even better then Saturday was. Jake and I met my family Sunday morning and went to the Concord Ward to hear Jerry Killian sing in their Christmas program. I love Christmas songs (at church, not when they're on the radio) so I was excited to go to my second Christmas program this year. Jerry did so good, he sang Mary Did You Know? and it's such a great song.
Then we got to come home to my parent's house for lunch. I love being at home, I love how comfortable it is, I love that Russo is here, I love that their is always something going on, and there is always someone here, I love that my aunt and uncle live down the street, and my grandpa lives next door. My grandmother from Atlanta was here yesterday while we were and we got to spend some time with her and my cousins that live next door.My brothers and sisters and cousins
Me & my cousin SamanthaMe and Jake
Jake and I left a little while after lunch to go to his parents house for dinner. I was really nervous! Jake has a lot of family. Yeah he only has one more sibling then me, but most of them
are married, which doubles that number and then they have kids and so that is a lot. It wasn't as big of deal as I had made it out to be in my head though. They were all very nice, not that I was expecting them to be otherwise. I was just worried I wouldn't fit in, or they wouldn't like me, but Jake was right, it wasn't like I was the center of attention and everyone was very welcoming. It was nice, and yes Jake, I would go back.
Jake and I went walking at the park in Kannapolis after dinner...It was freezing, but it was fun, we were going to ride the train around the park but we couldn't figure out where to get on the train so we just walked. Then Jake let me cut his hair. Probably against his better judgement because I've never cut hair before but it was easy and I liked it.

Anyway, Enchanted was on tv after that, and it's been so long since I had seen it and I was so excited when Jake turned it on, because I didn't even see iton the guide, so he probably could have gotten away with watching football for a little while, but Enchanted was like 1000 times better then any football game.
It was time to go back home after Enchanted went off and so we set out on the our 40 minute trek back out to Norwood. I was so tired and almost fell asleep so it was a good thing that Jake was driving. When we got back to my parents house we hung out with Jordan for a little while and then Jake had to go back home so he could get up early for work the next day.
It was such a good day, not because of anything that I did that was very significant but because I was with people I cared about the whole time. So different from the days where I go to work and have to deal with rude, ignorant people. I'm going to make it a goal to spend more time at home from now on because it's where I like to be the most.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

My family


Glade Candles
Christmas Time

Grey's Anatomy
Dr. Pepper
My Grandmom's House
Justin Timberlake

New Shoes & High Heels
The Twilight Series
Grooms Cake Ice Cream

Sharpie Pens
my ipod

Driving with the Windows Down & the Radio turned Up
Pay Day
Disney Princess Movies

Road Trips
White Water Rafting
Fuzzy Socks

My Bed
Sleeping In
Rainy Days
New Haircuts & Color

Saturday, December 19, 2009


So...I had a blog, and then I deleted it because I just never kept up with posting anything, and my life isn't all that interesting to post anything my sister, Jordan, has started one and inspired me to try to pick it back up, so here we go again...