Thursday, December 31, 2009

Attention Teenagers...

Just because you have a high school romance does not mean that you are Romeo and Juliet...or Noah and Allie, or even freaking Barbie and Ken. It does not mean that you are destined to over come all odds, ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after surrounded by seven dwarfs, or mice or a talking seagull and fish. It does not mean that you are welcome to look past the feelings and best interests of others for your own selfish "relationship."
Think about it...
Romeo and Juliet DIED! They were stupid, and died! Not only did they die...they killed themselves...yeah, all of this points to the fact that they were really happy...ohh please! I need to go take another class in common sense if that is the case I guess.
Noah and Allie...UGH...Don't get me wrong, The Notebook is an addictive movie and I can't help but watching it when it's on tv, but it drives me unrealistic is that movie! I can't even talk about this one without going into to a 20 minute rant about how stupid it is.
Barbie and Ken...It's not even physically possible to be Barbie...and second they broke up...and THEY'RE PLASTIC...plastic toys even break up...why do you think your high school flame will last if two toys that can't even think for themselves can't make it...they have painted on smiles and they aren't even happy!
So...let's won't won't last...don't do everything and sacrifice everything trying to make it because chances are, they guy is douche and in a few years you'll regret ever batting your pretty little eyes at him.

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