Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love and Friday Night Fun

If there is one thing that defines my husband it is that he LOVES his family.  He is one of six boys and I think that the relationship that they all have is truly inspiring. They hug each other all the time and never end a conversation without saying "love ya man."  Sometimes the entire point of a phone call is just to tell each other that they love them and just wanted to see what they were up to.  In the last year and however many months that I have known Jake and his family and had a front row seat to this I have tried to let it wash over me.  I love these little bits of love and kindness that they show each other.  I have never been one to just tell someone I love them, even if I do, I used to think that it was a phrase that had a tendency to be overused, but I don't think you can overuse that phrase.  Jake tells me that he loves me, I kid you not, no less than 20 times a day, and I relish in those words every time they pass his lips.  As I have gotten to know his family I have truly fallen in love with all of them as well and those words pass my lips easily in daily interaction with them, with all of the conviction that I have that they are true.

Speaking of family...check out this sweet one
This is Jake's brother Jason, his wife Jaylyn and their five kids Adeline, Jeffrey, Porter, Miranda and Roy. You don't get much cuter than this.  Jake and I love to go over to Jason and Jaylyn's house, the food is always so good and Jaylyn always has fresh pineapple, YUM! The conversation always flows and these two are so funny.  Their kids are a hoot as well.  Tonight Adeline told me some spy secrets and Miranda and Roy couldn't wait to eat the cookies we brought over.  They are so fun to be with.  I love that I gained sixteen nieces and nephews in this whole marriage deal, they are all so sweet and snuggly.  We watched a movie called The Trial tonight.  It was oddly similar to a lifetime movie and filmed here in Charlotte.  Jake picked it out and when it was over he hated himself for it.  Jaylyn and I liked it even through it's unrealistic jury verdict...go figure.

So thank you for all of the fun Jason and Jaylyn, we ALWAYS love coming and hanging out with you guys and maybe Jake will get his movie picking act together for next time.

Family is such a blessing.  Jake and I have been blessed with two really large families and we love it.  It is something that I often take for granted but in those moments when I realize just how important it is and how much of my heart my family consumes it is astonishing that such a thing can be forgotten in the run of the mill typical life of this full time student and worker and wife.

So in case we don't say it enough, thank you family, we love you more than you  know and more than anything we love spending our time with you.

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  1. Nice Pictures. You must have had an amazing photographer. PS. Did you ever find the other disk with pictures or whatever it is called?