Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've been thinking of adding a Frequently Asked Questions page to my little corner of the world here...

So here it is darlings

Ask me ANYTHING you want, anything at all and I'll see what I can do about creating a sweet page for you to learn much more about me and Life As WE Know It...

Leave your questions as a comment on this post or e-mail me, you can find my address is the contact page right at the top there :)

I'm so excited!


  1. When are you going to have a baby? (haha jk) My real question is this...

    Where do you want to live when you have a family? are you going to stay in NC or move somewhere else?

    Also, is Jake already done with school, still in school? I know you are graduating but I didn't know about him.


  2. Laura, you are so sweet, and I will answer those first on my new page...coming in the next few days girlie! I love you :)