Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Easy A...

If you have not seen the movie Easy A...YOU SHOULD!
I wasn't very hyped about it when I saw the preview for it or while it was in theaters, but tonight husband and I had a date night which consisted of Applebees-paid for with a giftcard Christmas presant (Thank you in-laws!) and movie rental...I know, I know-SOOO romantic.

After completely stuffing my face with a club sandwich, french fries and a triple chocolate meltdown (It is as good as it sounds) we went to the Family Video.  I don't know why Jake still takes me to places like the video rental store, because it takes me two days to decide what to rent.  I walk down every aisle, I pick up movies we've seen a thousand times, I pick up movies that we own, I look at new releases, I want them all but at the same time don't think any of them sound right for the mood I'm in...EVER!  I roam and roam and then usually out of no where a beam of light illuminates one dvd that has escaped my attention and I hear music from my life's sound track and know without a shadow of a doubt that that is the movie we are renting that night.  Anyway, no such luck tonight.  I remembered seeing a commercial for Easy A just the other day advertising that it was coming out this week, so I thought, what the heck? One free rental coupon later, it is going into our dvd player.

I had absolutely no expectations for this movie, but Husband and I laughed and laughed.  I thought Olive's parents where the funniest part, and found myself hoping that Jake and I will one day be as funny of parents as hers were.  I will warn you, the language in some parts was hard to listen to because the repetition of a certain few words, but overall I'm so happy we rented it! Emma Stone is now one of my new favs, she's so pretty and so likable. Ohh, and Penn Badgley is so fun to look at for an hour and half too.  I would recommend it to everyone, unless of course you are under the age of 13, in that case, take it up with the movie rating people.

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