Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to the World, Caiden Brian Starnes

On Friday night at 10:19 p.m. this precious baby stole my heart!

Haley called me on Thursday night while I was at work and asked my if I was going to come see her on Friday because the doctor was planning to induce labor that morning. I was instantly excited! Jordan and I met at Wal*Mart and bought her pretty flowers and then went to the hospital around 11 a.m. for a day of waiting...
The doctor finally came in and decided to break Haley's water for her and the contractions that followed were not fun for anyone...But then came the anesthesiologist and the epidural...It was pretty smooth sailing after that, Haley couldn't feel anything and the waiting commenced again...Then came the moment we were all waiting for...Haley threw Dad and Jordan went running out the door and the doctor and the nurses came running in the door...apparently getting sick is a sign that the baby is ready to be out! (gross)
My mom and I got to stay in the delivery room as Caiden Brian Starnes made is way into the world. Four contractions worth of pushing (a total of almost 20 minutes) and this miracle arrived.
Grandma (my Mom), Aunt Jordan, Grandpa (my Dad), and I got to hold baby Caiden before they took him to the nursery...Haley got to hold him one more time and then he was rushed off to have his first bath and get measured...After being held by many more people, but mostly his happy Aunts, Baby Caiden is happy and healthy and at home where he belongs!


  1. Congrats Aunt Carly!!!! :) Hope mom and baby are doing well!

  2. Thanks! They are doing perfect!!