Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why do you do this to me??

SERIOUSLY? SHE can NOT be pregnant with

Why do you do this to my Grey's Anatomy??


  1. oh no. i haven't watched it yet. crap.

    hulu!!! Why must you post episodes the day AFTER!?!?!?!

    she isn't ?!?! there's no way. grey's would. i shouldn't be surprised.

    but crap. it better be a good episode because now i'm all stoked to watch it and I hate getting excited for an episode and then it not being as good as i expect. ha :)

    see you tomorrow!!

  2. We should just start having a Grey's Night on Thursdays that way I don't have to depend on Jakes half hearted reactions to what happens to satisfy my need for someone else to get it!