Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to the Future...

I have been such a slacker! This is what happened to my last blog, I just trailed off, but I'm determined not to let that happen to this one, so here is my continuing effort to keep this blog alive.

Well, first I'll take you back to the last month of my life that I've let get away from me...
Event #1: I got a speeding ticket for 51 mph in a 35 mph zone...NOT GOOD! I don't even recognize a cop when they're on a motorcycle, it's not like it's written in big letters on the side like it is when they are in cars...c'mon, it's not even fair! Second, I wasn't going that far over the speed limit, I think he made that up...My speedometer said that I was going 45...still speeding, but not as much. When he pulled me over he said that I slowed down when I saw him, also untrue! I didn't even know he was cop, why would I slow down? Whatever dumb cop on a motorcycle, I know people...and I'm getting my ticket reduced to five over the speed limit so I just have pay court costs and my insurance will not go up, thank goodness!

Event #2: I found my wedding dress!!! It's so pretty! I would post pictures, but Jake reads this and I don't want him to see it! Anyway, it's different. I feel like every wedding I go to every bride is wearing the same dress...There is never anything that stands out to me about them, and this dress does that, I wanted it to be something different that no one will have seen before, and I accomplished that and I love it!

Event #3: MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! That's right, I celebrate my birthday for a whole week, and Jake is so sweet that he goes along with this idea. Tuesday we got Bojangles for dinner...yes, Bojangles was part of the celebration because we weren't supposed to by going out for dinner that night, but as luck would have it Jake stumbled across a twenty dollar bill, and that day numero uno.
On Wednesday we went out to my parent's house to celebrate with them. Before we left Jordan and Jake both gave me presents! I love presents and surprises! Jordan got me season 3 of Grey's Anatomy, which is the only one that I didn't have. This was an even bigger present then it sounds like because Jordan s kind of a cheapskate. I went to Target with her because she wanted me to point out things that I might want. We came across a movie that she said she heard was good but that since it was $20 dollars she really hoped that I didn't want that. I then went to go and see if Grey's was in stock because I've wanted it for a while and I told Jordan that is was but that it was over twice her limit. I left because I had to go somewhere and surprise, she bought me the season...she described it as "the hardest thing she's ever done." Jake got me Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakuel :-) I've wanted this movie but I've been trying to do better about not spending as much money and so I haven't bought it, but I love it and can't wait to watch it with him again once our finals are over!
Thursday was my actual birthday and I had to go to class and work that day...LAME! I hate my job but Jake was a sweetheart again and brought our puppy Doc to visit me at work along with flowers that he had picked up! I love when he brings me flowers! The Vaughn's also came to my work with a cute present of Resee cups and a balloon which was really nice of them.
On Friday we went to the temple with our ward and Jake gave me my biggest birthday present! He bought me brand new scripture that I LOVE! In October we are going to take them back and have my married name inscribed on them :-)
Saturday was a fun day too! We had a Day of Service and I pretty much spent all day at this alternative school cleaning of the grounds with Jake and his family and some other people from church. Later we went for my birthday day dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, yum! Jake had never been there before and he really liked it! Jordan got into a car accident that night which was a little scary but everyone is ok. The car is not ok, but everything important was.
That was pretty much the end of my birthday week, I know it wasn't really an entire week, but the older you get the more your birthday feels like every regular day, so I'm thankful that Jake makes it feel special along four other days so that it is still fun!

Now Back to the Future:
Today in one of my classes we had guest speakers from our colleges graduate program, and the things they said made me want to go to grad school! That's crazy, because I hate school, and I'm definitely not planning to do it right away, we have four years before Jake finishes his undergrad and I would at least wait for him to do that. I don't even think that I want a masters degree in the same thing that I'm getting my undergrad in. I'm not sure what degree I want, but it's something to think about.

The wedding is coming up...I know it's still five months away, but as Jake pointed out about 30 minutes ago, it's really not that far. There is so much to do! I'm glad I have all summer of not taking classes to plan. I've picked out bridesmaids dresses, they are so cute and yellow. I've bought the bridesmaids bracelets that are also so sweet. I've picked out my dress and I have a tentative location for this event. I have a bridal shower coming up at the end of June which I'm super stoked about and lots to look forward to. I have cruise that leaves two days after I get married that is going to be so fun I can hardly wait! Jakes brother Justin and his soon to be cute wife Ashley are going with us which will make it even more fun to have other people to hang out with!

I heard the other day about someone whose job requires them to travel a lot, like a different city, state, or country every weekend! I would love to travel and see all the places that this person gets to see! Today, I think that I would like to see Italy...

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  1. :) love your post! love you! thanks for updating me on your life!!! Miss you a lot!