Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello Prince Charming, My Name is Carly...

How we Met...
About a year and half ago I was working every Tuesday and Thursday night during the week. For some reason I happened to have Tuesday night off one week and went to Institute that night. Jake and his brother Justin also happened to be there that night. After classes are over everyone usually congregates in the gym because there is food and volleyball and basketball. Jordan and I have played basketball for years and really like to play and so when they started playing knock out we both jumped up. I only played like two games though, I don't remember why, but Jordan kept playing and kept playing and so did Jake.
I sat on the stage and talked to Jake's brother, Justin, until Jordan was ready to leave. The only thing I really remember from this first time that we saw each other, was that Jake kept coming up to us when someone knocked him out of the game and talking about how good Jordan was. Well, apparently Jake thought I was cute and so when he and his brother were leaving the church he asked him what my name was and when he got home he friended both me and Jordan on facebook.
He never said anything to me on facebook or wrote on my wall or anything, we were just silent friends. He claims that he was going to talk to me in person because he didn't want to be weird on facebook, but he never saw me at institute again...because I was working.
I'm one of those people that unfriends people on facebook if I don't really know you or haven't talked to you in a long time, and so after about a year of never talking to or seeing Jake again I unfriended him. Well, of course, after doing this we run into each other again. He came to Family Home Evening, which is on Monday nights, and I usually did go to that. I was helping clean up with one of Jake's good friends and we were talking about getting some people together to hang out at my house and he said that he would bring his friends Jake and David with him. I was fine with this but didn't know who Jake and David were.
After we had finished cleaning up, I walked into the gym for....surprise...a game of knock out. I got in line and happened to step in behind Jake. I knocked him out that first game, and then he knocked me out the second game. I challenged him to a game of PIG which we played until it was time to go. As I was leaving Jake's friend that I had been cleaning up with came up and told Jake they were coming to my house a couple of days later and that's how I learned who Jake was. Jordan was rushing me to leave and so I told Jake to friend me on facebook. I got home first though and I looked him up on facebook and was surprised to see that he was the same person I had unfriend a week earlier! I hoped that he wouldn't notice and might have forgotten that we had been friends. So he we became friends again and then he talked to me a lot the next day on facebook chat and then came over the next night to hang out with a bunch of people and every night after that...

The end.


  1. thats a cute story Carly. you did so good today teacing, even though you didnt have much of a voice. great job.

  2. You deserve only the best Carly.. Nice story and YES, Facebook is kinda weird sometimes.. and I hope I don't get unfriended since I never talk to a lot of people!! All the best princess :)