Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It doesn't get any better than...

J *     *Jake finally getting home from work
*Snuggles with little nieces and nephews
*A clean house
*A vacuumed floor
*Class being cancelled
*Smell of a fresh linen candle burning
*Folded laundry
*High heel shoes that make you feel smokin’ hot
*Hush puppies from Cookout
*Fresh flowers from Hubby (or anyone for that matter)
*Warm Chocolate chip cookies
*Jake making a corny joke and laughing really hard at it
*Pictures of Caiden
*Smooth legs
*A hoodie and jeans
*Playing with Doc
*Going home
*Brushed teeth
*A shower right before bed
*Bed time
*Talking to a friend
*Finishing a homework assignment early
*Getting paid
*Watching Grey’s Anatomy
*Movie time with Jake
*Stuffed crust pizza
*Fuzzy socks
*A sports bra, as opposed to a regular one, every now and then
*Spooning with Jake right before we fall asleep
*Buying something new for my wardrobe
*Seeing Jake dressed up
*Date night
*Jake’s hugs

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