Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I can see the light...

This semester is almost over and the next three weeks can't go by soon enough! This has by far been my most stressful semester since entering college four and a half years ago. Even more stressful then the year that I transferred schools, or the one where I changed my major TWICE, or the one where I had statistics (which i'm terrible at). I would actually venture to say that this has been more stressful then all of those combined! BUT, it's coming to end very soon, which is something I could not be happier about! All that stand between me and the end is...teaching a 9 hour class to inmates, yes, inmates, preparing this class from scratch, writing a 10 page paper, a two page paper, four finals and two presentations. The light is dim, but it's there.

Jake and I are settled in for the most part, there are still a lot of things that I want to do to the house but that will have to wait for Christmas break because I don't have time to do it right now. I want to paint two rooms, finish hanging things on the wall, organize the laundry room, throw a bunch of stuff away, finally see the laundry room with no laundry actually in it, organize the kitchen cabinets and get all of the scraps from previous projects out of here! Some of my favorite things about living in our cozy little two bedroom, one bathroom house with Jake is that I always feel warm, we have two space heaters, one is more attractive then the other, but a space heater none the less and they give off terrific heat which makes me like the winter a little more. Sometimes I come home and Jake has made me dinner and lit candles, it's so sweet. I like to watch Jake perform little household projects, I especially like when he lifts things to move them out of his way because I can see the muscles in his arms pop out, and I like that we are always laughing at each other and smiling about something, our house is really very warm, and cozy and snuggly. I'll post all of our before and after pics of the house when everything doesn't look like a before anymore.

I miss my family. I haven't seen then in over a month, since we got back from honeymoon, and I don't like to just see them over pictures that my sister posts on facebook. My nephew is getting so big, he's sitting on his toy tractor by himself now, and I don't know when that happened! I need to get home, and soon! Jake and I have decided to go either this Friday night or Saturday morning. It will be nice to see them all again.

I put my two weeks notice in at Target last Wednesday and so that will finally be coming to an end after three and half of years. I couldn't be happier about this. Jake and I decided that I'm not making enough to warrant the half hour drive to Charlotte everyday, which is good, because I hate that drive, especially on Friday nights. Next semester I will only have to go over there three times a week and so I might as well not drive six times if I only have to do it three. I will be looking for something else immediately after the end of this semester and I hope to find something more in the public health field since I will finally be graduating in May and needed to support my sweet husband for the next three years while he finishes school. I would really take a job in any field though, as long as it's not Target!

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  1. Love you carly girl! Cute new blog layout by the way!!! and ps...I'm on the job hunt too...but I'm looking for a second job. ah! Keep blogging since we don't talk near enough to keep up with everything. I still want to come out to NC after graduation (when I hopefully have money). we will see what happens!